Pro Team


Juju Smith

Juju Smith – Pro riderName: Juju SmithAge: 19Rides for Hang5GearFrom Las VegasWent to ISA WORLDS 2019

Jacob MacDonald

Jacob MacDonald – Pro rider Name: Jacob Blake MacDonald Age: 21 Sponsors: ELITE/ Hang 5/ Optimum Deck: ELITE Bars: HANG5Gear Compression: HIC Wheels: Hang5Gear Favorite food: […]


Pepito – Pro Rider Name: Pepito Age: 21 Sponsors: hang 5 , ethic , The farm , Dauntless Apparel Deck: Lindworm V3 Bars: Martin Andre Compression: […]
kid backflip with scooter

Wyatt Anderson

Hi im Wyatt Anderson, I’m 17 years old and been riding scooters for about 7 years. My Pro career took off in 2015 and still continues. […]
jordan fisher scooter tricks

Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fischer- Pro Rider Name: Jordan fischer Age:19 Sponsors: hang5gear Deck: hive x Bars: hang: 5 titanium bars Compression: scs Wheels: hang5gear Favorite food: pizza How […]

AM Team


Caeden Maggiora

Caeden Maggiora – AM Rider Name: Caeden Maggiora Age: 14 Sponsors: H5G Deck: HIVE X Bars: Root ti bars Compression: H5G Wheels: HIVE X Favorite food: […]

Barret Kuska

Barret Kuska – AM Rider Name: Barret Kuska Age: 20 Sponsors: Hang 5 Gear Deck: hang 5 gear hova in blue Bars: hang 5 black steal […]

Nick Leinberger

Nick Leinberger – AM rider Name: Nick Leinberger Age: 18 Sponsors: Hang 5 Gear Deck: Hive 4.5” Bars: YGW Millennium Compression: Wyatt Anderson SCS Wheels: Hang […]

Kyle Mean Bean Gastelum

Kyle Mean Bean Gastelum Name: Kyle Gastelum Age: 24 Sponsors: Hang5gear shop mothership Deck: Hova 22-5.5 Bars: Tristan Anderman ti h5g bars Compression: Wyatt Anderson h5g […]

Ryan Bader

Ryan Bader- AM rider Name: Ryan Age: 18 Sponsors: H5G & Az Grind/The Grind Shop Deck: X5 Bars: H5G Steel T Bars Compression: SCS Wheels: Tristan […]
hang5gear harley smith

Harley Smith

Harley Smith- AM Rider Name: Harley Smith Age: 16 Sponsors: hang5gear/az grind skatepark/ the grind shop Deck: hang5gear X5 Bars: hang5gear tristan anderman sig Compression: scs […]
Noah Lopez

Noah Lopez

Noah Lopez- AM rider Name:Noah Lopez Age:14 Sponsors:hang5gear Deck:hive X Compression:hang5gear Scs Wheels:hang5 7spoke wheel Favorite:crab How long have you been riding:3 years Favorite thing to […]
shaun price hang5gear

Shaun Price

Shaun Price- AM rider Name: Shaun Price Age: 18 Sponsors: Hang5Gear Deck: X5 pro deck Bars: Tristan Anderman Signature Ti Bars Compression: H5G Wyatt Anderson Signature […]
CJ Berry - hang5gear

CJ Berry

CJ Berry- AM rider Name: Cj berry Age: 19 Sponsors:@berrybeet @hang5gear @Azgrindskatepark @Thgrindshop Deck: hang5 X5 Bars: Raw hang 5 gear T bars Compression: SCS Wheels: […]

Flow Team


Chanel “Fly Girl” Martin

Name: Chanel Martin Age: 12 Sponsors: Hang5Gear / AZ Grind / The Grind Shop Deck: The Bandit Bars: H5G Ti T Bars Compression/Clamps: HIC Fork: Wyatt […]
Ethan Purkis

Ethan Purkis

Name: ETHAN JOHN PURKIS Instagram: @savageethanscoot Age: 14 YRS OLD Sponsors: H5G – COMMONGROUND BIKE SHOP Deck: H5G HIVE 19.5″ Bars: TRISTAN ANDERMAN H5G SIGNATURE Ti […]
Robby Mendoza

Robert Mendoza

Name: Robert Mendoza Age: 12 Sponsors: H5G, TGS, AZG Deck: Bandit Bars: Tristan Sig Bars Compression: HIC Wheels: Derek Seay Sig Wheels Favorite food: Sushi 🍣 […]
Cooper Killian

Cooper Killian

Cooper Killian- AM rider Name: cooper killian Age: 13 years old Sponsors: hang5gear, the grind shop Deck: ethic pandemonium Bars: hang5 t bars Compression: hang 5 […]